The world of enduro suspension can be a mine field for most tuners, the sheer scope of the terrain and various disciplines make it hard to find a setup that works well over most of these obstacles. At RSS we have done a heap of testing to ensure we can meet your specific needs. Wp seems to be at the fore front, and we have spent countless hours developing the closed cartridge and 4CS fork to a great level of performance.

And new for 2017 /18 we have our exc kit, which compromises of a revalve to suit rider discepline, weight and ability, a bladder conversion for shock performance and consistency, and a fork adjuster kit, which adds the ability to adjust low speed compression…. it’s a great setup!


4cs4cs decal

With new settings and new kits being developed all the time we are constantly testing and evolving to ensure the best level of performance out there.